Is it okay to make mistakes?

Today’s post is a little different! There’s no history or fun fact today, sorry to those who are sad about it. Next post will be business as usual! So back to the question. Is it okay to make mistakes? In this society where “cancel culture” is a thing, it honestly feels like mistakes are suicide.Continue reading “Is it okay to make mistakes?”

What is ASMR?

Have you ever watched one of those “whispering” videos? The ones that make you feel like you might be watching some weird sex kink on YouTube? Well, these videos actually help viewers relax or fall asleep. Yes, fall asleep. I know this because I watch these videos every night! ASMR is a real scientific phenomenonContinue reading “What is ASMR?”

When did women start shaving their legs?

I hate shaving. So I was butt naked in the shower the other day and thought to myself, “Why the fuck did women start shaving and when the hell did we start this torture?” I remember looking at a porn magazine when I was younger (I found it on accident) and noticing that all theseContinue reading “When did women start shaving their legs?”

Why are Americans so bad at geography?

There’s a country named Azerbaijan, did you know that? If you’re American I’m going to guess your answer was “Azerbawho?” I know this because that was my reaction when my lovely friend and roommate (at the time) told me she was Azerbaijani. The Florida school system wasn’t super kind to kids like me who actuallyContinue reading “Why are Americans so bad at geography?”

Is sliced bread bad?

Okay, I f*cking love bread, so imagine my surprise when my Europeans friends exclaimed, “American bread is a joke and not even real bread!” Honestly, I wanted to prove them wrong, but after my first visit to France, I had to agree. It’s not that we don’t have some good (REAL) bread in America. TheContinue reading “Is sliced bread bad?”

What is halal food?

When I was living in Florida there were no halal carts or as a matter of fact Muslims around me. Maybe this is the case for you too, so let your beautiful big sister here explain what halal food is (as I understand it)! Halal is the Arabic word for lawful and permitted. Basically, halalContinue reading “What is halal food?”

What is busking?

There’s a famous Korean band named Buska Buska and while I love their music, I found their name odd. I looked into it and found that it was a play on the word busking. What’s that? Well, Google told me it’s “the activity of playing music in the street or another public place for voluntaryContinue reading “What is busking?”

Who created video games?

So this quarantine has done a lot of crazy things to all of us, but the raging on Fortnite these ten-year-old’s do every day is a little much. Honestly, it’s one of my least favorite parts of quarantine. So to who do we owe these “1 V 1 ME!” rage fits? Well, an engineer namedContinue reading “Who created video games?”

What is mercury retrograde?

Anyone here a huge fan of pick a card readings on YouTube? Nope? So I’m the only one clicking on the “Love coming your way in 2020!!!!” Fair enough… Anyways, so those of you who are not into things like astrology or tarot readings then this is gonna be gibberish to you, but maybe theContinue reading “What is mercury retrograde?”

How did rap music start?

I was cruising in my cousin’s car blasting music the other day and thought to myself how important it is to play good rap songs on late night drives. This genre of music is such a huge part of the younger generations in America, but when did it start and how? Of course, the answerContinue reading “How did rap music start?”