When did women start shaving their legs?

I hate shaving. So I was butt naked in the shower the other day and thought to myself, “Why the fuck did women start shaving and when the hell did we start this torture?” I remember looking at a porn magazine when I was younger (I found it on accident) and noticing that all theseContinue reading “When did women start shaving their legs?”

What is mercury retrograde?

Anyone here a huge fan of pick a card readings on YouTube? Nope? So I’m the only one clicking on the “Love coming your way in 2020!!!!” Fair enough… Anyways, so those of you who are not into things like astrology or tarot readings then this is gonna be gibberish to you, but maybe theContinue reading “What is mercury retrograde?”

Hi! I’m Alma

So before you start scrolling through my site, I just want to say thank you and introduce myself! I’m an aspiring work from home and travel the world girl from New York. I make YouTube videos along with writing posts on this website, MY website. That’s a pretty big deal for me to say becauseContinue reading “Hi! I’m Alma”